Ticket status unpaid

Customer made payment with euro and turkish lira mix and we paid back with TL some of the euros and now ticket status stayed UNPAID altough all amount is paid. Because of the state of the ticket i couldnt finish the day and because of this i can not start a new day.

Any idea

Nevzat Hami
Ghetto Cafe

How have you changed the automation?
In default setup if this were to happen for whatever reason (although shouldnt) as the ticket has 0 balance opening and closing should finalize the ticket. But given your use of currencies I would expect you have changed a fair bit.
It is defiantly 0 balance? You dont have like 0.01 from currency conversion or something?

Try adding an order, canceling that order to kick status state and then close and see if the default ticket close rule catches it.

I would guess there is a glitch/loophole in your customization which has allowed this to happen.

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