Ticket still visible (orange) after Cash

Hello Community,

I have a little Problem.
I love Sambapos - Its ver great.

My qustion:

When i have a ticket open and im settle it with cash paying it gets closed - and i dont see it at the list anymore.
Normaly when i got more then 1 Products and the customers only pay one of the list i cash it and close it - but im still see it on the list casue some prducts are still open.

Now my thought.

Im workin with 2 computers - And and the entrance and 1 at my bar.
Customers get numbers when they come into my location. They use this number thew hole night.

So if a customers comes in and pay the entry (example on number 1) he get cashed out right at the entry.
After paayin he comes in and take drinks at the bar - With the same number he got cashed out at the entry.

The Problem is - The ticket already closed at the entry cause i cashed it out.
I want to have it still OPEN and marked in the color orange when i cashed him out- to put the rest of the drinks on the same number.

Any ideas - Thanks

When you mention

I take it your using entities for the customers and gather your entity screen is set to filter to entities with state of New Orders (maybe New Orders,Bill Requested)

The reason they are not being shown after ticket cashed off is the entity is being marked as available which is not in the state filter.
While adding Available to the filter;
Available,New Orders,Bill Requested
will mean it will remain visible (although not orange as orange is the New Orders state (open tickets). it wil also mean ALL customer entities will be visible.

Rather than mess with the default entity flow my recommendation would be to have a new entity state of say ‘Inhouse’ with possible state values of True and False or similar (checked in/checked out etc)
Then setup a way to ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ customers and filter your customers entity screen to ‘checked in’ state (Inhouse=True if used first option)
This would also mean with use of entity search you would find the entity (customer) select it and then ‘Check In’ which would then show in the customers screen.

Creating a new state flow would be highly recommended rather than altering the flow of the default entity status state.