Ticket Tag Date Problem in Report

Hi All. i am facing date issue in Report.

This is Report Code

    >Date|Ticket No|Person|Delivery Date|Amount
    {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.TicketNumber,TT.Order Type,TT.Delivery,T.TotalAmount}

Please Guide me where’s my mistake :slight_smile:

I would hazard a guess that that is a timestamp for the date…
If you call that tag in a show message or ask question what do you get?

But in Ticket Template ticket tag Date working fine but not in reports.

This is what i get from Ask question.

Hmmmm… was a hazard of a guess, if that E+17 makes the number 636017184000000000 its not a timestamp anyway…

Show your rule you used to create the ticket tag.

Code is Here

[?Enter Delivery Date;([1-9]|10|11|12) (0?[1-9]|[12]\d|30|31) \d{2}\d{2}?;{TICKET TAG:Delivery};Cancle,OK]

So how does it look in the database?


Those slashes are confusing it. You would have to escape those or store date in an actual date format.

how ? will you please help to solve this issue

Or use something else instead of /

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The forward slash is reserved so use something else instead. Or use script to generate a date that’s valid.

how i use ? i don;t know dear :frowning: ?

Id just use - instead if it was me, simpler option.

Not working @JTRTech

It wont backdate tags you know right…

1 Question.
why this ticket tag date working fine in Ticket Template and also on Ask Question.
but not working on Reports ?
i think something wrong in report code
what do you think @JTRTech ?

There is nothing you can do to fix old tickets. Try it for new ticket .

I explained why, it’s not the syntax. Reports use those symbols for things like calculations etc so they are reserved.

You should be storing an actual date format anyway.

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