Ticket Template Tag Help

In the ticket template where does {NAME} and {PRODUCT NAME} get their data from?

I thought it was from the columns as shown below

but it doesnt matter if I use {NAME} or {PRODUCT NAME} they both display the same value, in my case they display the “long” name from the Product column.

I want to print the “short” product name on the receipt as is shown in the Name column in the image above

You’re configuring menu buttons here so changes you made here only changes menu button not the product itself.

Product Column shows which product assigned to the menu button.
Name Column shows how button is named. We see these names while moving products to categories.
Header Column shows the button header that is visible to user.

To setup product names for printing you can use product tags.


I just thought product tag is what I needed to use lol!!

That has confused me a couple of times.
And if no header is set name is used for button header.
@emre Don’t expect this is possible but can’t name and header be empty by default?

Menu item with no name or header specified uses the product name for header. That way if header is not customised changing product name will change header? This could maybe be refreshed on samba start cache?
Name I now understand means that say if you had duplicate products in menu with tag/portion etc settings you can tell which is which on sort order etc.
If name is set without header then as it is now it is used for button header aswell.
Header obviously overules all for button header.

I say this as dispite telling clients over and over explaining header for buttons they always forget and call saying they have changed a product but button still shows old name.

Why you expect not possible?

Backward compatibility possibly.
I was trying to be polite - I meant that you might not agree ;-p

{NAME} is the Product Name including Portion
{PRODUCT NAME} is the Product Name without Portion, so even if you select a Portion, it still shows the Product Name only.


Makes sense that’s why I was originally using product name and portion tags separately