Ticket templete

Any idea how to increase the size of title in ticket?(please see picture)

image image

change the number in the line formatting tag.
I’d have a read of the old v4 template tutorial topic.

I have try changing the to but it makes the rocketpos disappear

Change t for C11 or something like that.

i have tried but its still not changing to bigger font.

show screenshot of what you changed.

That code can not be increased. That is title code. You would need to switch to an HTML template to enhance something like that. HTML Templates can produce some very nice looking tickets. FoxCreek Ticket

we use a logo rather than text


looks great

Hi Jesse
Your receipt is perfect .Can you kindly show us your code ?
we have zero knowlegde on coding

ive struggled getting the barcode to work in html whats the code to use to get the Ticket ID printed as a barcode, ive tried <bar>{TICKET ID} as in a standard ticket template but i cant get it working in html

It works fine in html. Qr code doesn’t.

hi jesse do have the coding template of this please