Ticket total not calculated

Dear sir im totally new to samba pos im facing problem in showing total when printing tickets please help

Can you please post your printer template.

can you check the Ticket template and make Ticket Total.

you can also test with attached Ticket Template.

ticket template.zip (599 Bytes)

can you

The problem is that your Line Character Count is too large. Most printers can only print 46 characters to a line with 80mm paper.
Manage->Settings->Printers->Ticket Printer->Line Character Count

Also by using J10 you are making the text twice as wide. But all characters seem to be the same width. Are you using a Dot Matrix printer ?

thank you all for your fast reply problem solved after reducing printed characters from 46 to 20
10x really appreciate your support

@JohnS this seems like a HTML printer.

If it is a HTML Printer you can learn how to use smaller fonts from this tutorial.