Ticket Type changing when Entity is selected


I have a small issue where for our takeout tickets, when a customer is selected before adding an item to the ticket the created ticket will become a stay ticket.

Set up
Ticket Types
-Ticket (This is used for our Stay Ticket)
-Takeout Ticket (As you probably can guess, it is used for takeout tickets)
-Delivery Ticket (and this is used for…delivery tickets!)

----Default ticket: Ticket
----Default ticket: Takeout Ticket
----Default ticket: Delivery Ticket

When I have the Takeout Department Selected, and I add an item to the ticket, the ticket that is created is a Takeout Ticket. But when I add a customer entity to the ticket before adding an item, the ticket becomes Ticket(stay ticket).

On the other hand, when I am in the Delivery department, the ticket type is still Delivery Ticket regardless if I add a delivery customer first or add an item first.

I have tried looking through all my rules, but couldn’t really find the source of the issue, and wanted to know if any of you would have any ideas why/what rules in particular you think I should keep my eye out for.

For now I’ve added this to the default Create Ticket Rule
as a work around.

Thanks in advance!

It has to do with default ticket type for customer entity screens.

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OMG. So simple. That totally makes sense, and I feel stupid now…

Thank you so much Jesse!!