Tickets are not numbered sequentialy

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Ticket numbers are always incremental but from time to time will not be sequential.You see on image: 1 2 3 4 5 suddenly 28. What is done wrongly?


Ticket number is not always sequential with cancels etc. Ticket ID should be sequential

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This numbers you see on screenshot above, are they tickets ID or Ticket Number?
I didnt cancel any ticket, but delete all Transcations with sql.
In this case the numbers must be coming sequentallym correct?

I don’t know where you are getting that list from so cannot tell you if it’s number or id.

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Thank you for Reply.

This list is coming from Ticket explorer.

Like the Header shows, those are Ticket NUMBERs, not Ticket IDs.

Many reasons for missing Numbers. Merging Tickets will cause that as well.

Hi QMcKay
Thank you for answer.
I dont merge any Ticket. Every sale is made and closed. It is maybe incoming call makes something like that?
I mean: I receive a call, it is not for an order, i make click on incoming call pop up window and it is going directly in customer edit area. Without saving any information, I go Back with this Button (on image). Normally nothing is done for this Tel.number, it is just shown on screen. It creates any Ticket NUmber?

Pretty sure clearing transactions doesn’t reset ticket number - or maybe if can’t remember.
As Q said, there are many reasons you can have missing ticket numbers as ticket number is generated when ticket is created unlike I’d which is created on save/submit to database

to make an order, we need to make some steps. In wich step exactly Ticket number is created? Customer selected, product added, paid , close…?

Customer selected I believe, that would be the point it goes to the main post screen/menu.
Editing an entity without actually selecting ahouldnt

It is possible to close incoming phone popup window without going in Customer Select/Search Area? Because every call is not for an order. No need to go inside, better to close before going.

No it is not possible. You either have to go to an entity screen for all of them or not but you can’t pick and choose