Tickets are paid first, then appear on the KDS but can't be checked

We have been using sambapos for several years. Works like a charm.

I now need a new workflow in which the tickets are paid first, then appear on the KDS of the bar and kitchen and can be checked there.
I get the paid tickets on the KDS (state paid), but the button to check off doesn’t work. Followed this tutorial

Is there any way to accept Advance Payments but keep Ticket Open,

but unfortunately the ticket disappears completely from both KDS screens. Can anyone help with this that got this going?

My rule for the button:


Do you work with KDS tasks or states?

I work with states.
The problem is with the ‘mark ticket as closed’ action. Afther this nothing can be changed.
I should be able to perform this action when order state of all orders are presented with KDS disply state ‘served’. I can’t get this to work.
Do it for now manually with a button and visual check.

Gebruik de reopen closed ticket action en je kan verder