Tickets Printing Twice

Currently when I create an order then close it (without settling it) the order tickets print for their respective departments. Then when the customer pays the tickets print again. Is this normal or have I changed something by mistake?

Sounds lile changed something.
Kitchen print is normally new orders only on ticket closing.
Print bill button obviously.
I dont think there is a default receipt on payment print.

I feared that :cry:.
It’s not printing the receipt on payment, it’s reprinting the order tickets.

But on payment?
Not just got wrong template for receipt prints?

Hmmm, maybe I did that? I’ll check tomorrow, cheers.

Yeah i think it’s either gonna be wrong template or some variable in execute print job action may be set incorrectly.

I’m pretty sure it’s because I have my print actions are on the Close Ticket rule. I’ll add some constraints.

Default kitchen print is on ticket closing but filtered to only print new orders.

I think that’s what I’ve changed for some reason. I’ll install a fresh instance tonight to compare what I did.

Pretty sure it goes back to this: [Resolved] Printing Separate Tickets on Same Printer

If that’s what you worked on would guess maybe your states aren’t getting changed on closing meaning they are printing everything.
You implied it was on payment, are you saying it prints all orders every close?
Did you do a print/printed state?
Show a ticket without new orders thats been closed and opened. In admin sl all states are vosable.

I’m not sure what I’ve done but at present if something is ordered it has a state(status?) of NEW, PRINT:

New Order

If I Close the order (leaving it live but unpaid and the table turns orange on the main screen) it has a state of SUBMITTED, PRINTED (the tickets have indeed printed :+1:)

Closed Unpaid

Which all seems normal.

If I then click the ‘orange’ table to process the payment, the tickets all print again when the payment is completed. Currently I don’t print a bill automatically because 99% of our customers don’t want it.

So I’m guessing that I’ve deleted the bit that checks the state?

Print and Printed states are not default. You implemented something custom.

Just after payment? Not if you just close the ticket again.

Both. If I open the ticket and close it the tickets print. When I click Cash for payment the window closes and the ticket prints again. When I click Close after processing a card payment the tickets print again.
Pretty sure I’ve messed up the States.