Tickets settle at one day but reported on a previous day

hi guys ,

yesterday i notice that sometime when i settle a ticket that was on hold from the day before has been reported as settle at the day before,
i notice it when i close work period and i had extra cash so i looked for the ticket and i fund that it change to the previous day,
and of course it’s also change the total in the previous day work period report,

any advise how it may happend?
thank you

It isn’t possibly to hold a ticket between work people’s by default so is smething you setup. Will need to see your automation for this to be able to even begin.
If you used preorder option then this is what would happen as ticket reports are based on start time I believe, you need to change the ticket date when you unhold the ticket.

thank you for your respond!

well, you right, my tech guy set it up for me, but i’m trying to learn it by myself,
so here is my hold and unhold rules

  • i don’t use preorder option, i have restaurant and bungalows so when my guest eating at the restaurant i open table ticket and if they not paid immediately i’m moving the ticket to their bungalow entity and put on hold to be able to close work period.

  • i notice that this is not happens to all ticket just some of them , and i see that there is a different between them,
    in the ticket that have the problem it’s says (first screenshot up here)
    ticket opening 21.06.18
    last order 22.06.18
    last payment 22.06.18
    but in other ticket that don’t have this problem the opening time changes to the payment day
    for example in this screenshot
    ticket opening 23.06.18
    last order 22.06.18
    last payment 23.06.18
    even though no way the ticket has been open in 23th as the last order was on 22th

thanks again

How many terminals do you have? Check the date in every terminal

It’s hard to tell, would need to see the settings for those hold and unhold actions.

sorry for late reply,

i have only 1 terminal

and here is the actions settings

Looks like you do :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I do not like using preorder feature for this exact reason, you have to have other suporting automation to keep reporting in like else as you have found out you end up manipulating tickets with dates in past periods…

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ho, i did not that this is preorder option,
so what do you think i should change?

Easiest way is to remove that preorder action to stop tickets being allowed to be carried over into new work periods as this option will always have sales data out of sync on reports

If you want to let people pay on different days then use customer accounts. That way you can settle the ticket on the correct day as payment is made to customers account. Then you can take payments from customers and knock it off their account balance until it is clear