Till and ipads lost connection to server

I have a 1 till and 6 iPads setup which connects to a headless server unit. Last night it messed up and wasn’t connecting so i switched the till to local database.

Now i want to reconnect back to the server so the ipads etc can work but do not know how to.

Anyone available to this for me? I am happy to pay

You set the connection string to point to the SQL of whichever machine is hosting the database.

Can u do this for me? I am away from the shop. I have teamviewer on both the server and till

I cant myself, busy taking weekend with family, didn’t see you were posing an add for support, throught you were just asking.

I can but can you use anydesk?

Yes i can. Have that installed also.

I will pm you the details now

Sure I’ll be ready. …

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We resolved it. SQL Server install was corrupted. I reinstalled the server and set his firewall up.