Time Based Menu Switching for Lunch/Dinner etc

Just basic tutorial of having menu displayed based on time.

This will only be suitable if you have auto logout or similar workflow as it uses user login to set the menu.

If you do not logout after ticket close you may wish to use alternate event such as ticket close.

For this to work I found that the default menu option needed to be left blank for both the department and ticket type settings;

This setup has two menus, Cafe menu for day/lunch and Restaurant menu for dinner/evening;

First youll need a dynamic ‘Change Screen Menu’ action using [:Menu Name] for the field value.
You can use multiple actions with set menu if you wish.

I made 3 rules using the above action.
Two for setting the menu on user login and a third for manual menu switching (just encase needed).

The menu switch time requested was 6pm. I set the start time as 2am to cover any potential late nights.

Cafe menu set (2am to 6pm)
Please note the ‘Matches All’ option selected on the constraints as the time needs to be between the two times, default of matches will trigger at all times as time will always be greater than 2pm or before 6pm and matches treats similar constraints as or.

Restaurant menu set for before 2am or after 6pm
Notice this one has been left as ‘Matches’ as the time needs to be either constraint and cannot be both.
You could select matches any if preferred.

Manual switching
I also added a automation command for manual switching, just encase needed.
I set two command value options of the name of the two menus, this can be more if you need additional menus.

The rule for this command is as follows, using the command value from the automation command.

This command setup presents the command value options like this;


Thanks for this. I was planning know implementing as we have a day trade and night trade and sometimes staff work both so I have to give then 2 fobs!

So is there a way to setup automation command buttons to show up during a specific time… We have a Transition time where the breakfast menu is available as well as the lunch menu before the breakfast is done for the day. Was thinking i could make a switch menu button to toggle the two back and forth during that transition period of the day… Just not sure how to accomplish it.

You can’t map a button based on time. But you could create three menus one breakfast, one lunch/breakfast, one lunch menu and use custom menu buttons with commands to switch menu. The final menu would not have the other buttons. However I think that’s a lot of work and doesn’t solve a real need.

Maybe you can create a state flow based on time and set visibility to that state.

All of that is fairly advanced. I personally would just leave the buttons visible and let staff know the cutoff times.