Time Based Menus

I have question that I have searched for but havent seen posted on here… I have different menus that need to be avalible during certain hours of the day. So breakfast menu, lunch menu, and dinner, I have created seperate departments to split these menus up. I wanted to see if anyone else has done this and how they have done it… I may be doing it wrong. Im not sure.

You can use triggers to activate menus. I am not at computer to explain further. But it is certainly possible.

Interesting. You will have to explain further when you can. Could that even work for weekday specials?

Yes it certainly can :smile:

Awesome!!!.. Teach me!!! haha… Wax on… wax off?

I am working on something rather complex right now with my TimeTrex integration so it will have to wait a bit. But to get you started do some research on triggers, Change Ticket Type action, Set Active Ticket Type, etc.

You could define ticket types with specific menu’s. You would need to make sure any special mapping for functions that are mapped to a ticket type are mirrored for these tickets.

These are ideas to get you started from top of my head. There are many different avenues you can take for this.

Ok… ill give it a go… by the way take your time… im very interested in your timetrex integration!.. Right now im still busy testing and configuring the server that im going to be using for the pos system. Waiting on my intel Xeon Hexacore processor with hyper threading to come in so my VM setup can run without lag. My plan is to run the sambapos and timetrex in a hyperv machine with rdp enabled and also setup hyperv replication to a server at my house… that way if the local machine at the resturant dies we can just switch all the thin clients over to the new ip and be up and running within secconds without skipping a beat on missing data… as long as the connection doesnt drop of course.

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That sounds like a nice setup. I will be shopping hardware and designing mine soon. I took my system live last week… just a basic version of it. with a PC i had that uses mouse/keyboard I am getting my employees used to it right now and slowly adding in the more complex features like TImeTrex etc. Its running great so far. Once I feel its ready I will upgrade the entire system and go all out with my restaurant. Kitchen screens etc.

NICE!.. yea im getting a CubieBoard to test out as a thin client… They can run android or linux… My plan is to see what kind of experience I get through RDP… I may even setup samba as a webapp and do that if it works better.

I wish they were not so expensive but


has intrigued me a lot.

Wow… For that kind of money you might as well buy windows embedded thin clients… I’ve also been looking into finding a small x86 based board that I can boot a windows pe on. Ive built a custom pe for my company with some utilities that we use it also has rdp built into it. I’ve tried remoting into my samba server with it using a elo touch monitor and it works fine. Windows pe is really amazing and fully customizable its just tricky getting things installed.

If the cubie board I’m getting doesn’t work my next step is gonna be to check this little gem out… http://www.mouser.com/Search/m_ProductDetail.aspx?CircuitCo%2FMINNOWBOARD-MAX-DUAL%2F&qs=sGAEpiMZZMs9lZI8ah3py%2F9KKP2eiFfZsbAbf7dOFFRyaqaqEqmd8g%3D%3D

HI Kendash ,

Thank you for your suggestion, I really need to make this work, as I have a restaurant setting that having different menus for different time periods, say morning 6am -11am with a variety of breakfast set meal and some sandwiches offers, as soon as over 11 am, the morning menu should disappear and let the normal standard menu kicks in for selection only.

I tried to implement the time based menus following your suggestion above to make one appear and disappear accordingly to avoid confusion. By creating an additional ticket type (named it as brekkie-ticket) with an additional morning menu tied to it , then as soon as the trigger hit the morning time, the rules call the action to set active ticket as brekkie-ticket, overriding the normal ticket tied with a normal menu, then yes, morning menu appears for selection as the new ticket type becomes default when I select dishes for new table, after a couple of trials, it works fine, but soon as I reopened old table(unpaid yet with normal menu item submitted) the normal menu comes back in for selection. and if I open another table, essentially I would be given the option to choose which ticket/brekkie-ticket to use in the very beginning for choosing food items …

I guess what that active ticket type action does essentially is making the new ticket type active, but it is unclear if it inactivates the original ticket type, is there an action I can call to inactivate another ticket type so as to make the original disabled for further selection once and for all (even opening an unpaid ticket of the original ticket type) until I have another trigger+rule+action to call it back active. Also there is not a change ticket type action to be found!!

THank you kindly for your comment

There is a lot that goes on when creating tickets. Set Active Ticket Type will work for next order… but its still defined by department so the next ticket will be different unless you specifically tell it not to be. For this to work properly you need to start from beginning and plan out a whole system around it.

When planning remember you have alot to think about. Departments default ticket type, Closing rules, Create ticket rules… all of this can change and or affect this system.