Time calculations on receipt / ticket

Hi there,
One of my customers uses Sambapos for his Restaurant, which works great - however they also have a soft play area where parents can pay for 90 mins of time.
I’d like to print the exit time on the receipt - so {ticket time} + 90 mins. I found the option to add a day on using [=ADD({Ticket Time},1)] but can’t get that to work with fractions of a day.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Thanks in advance…


You can try using Product Timers.

Or try replace your {TICKET TIME} with this and change 90 to any minutes you want.
[=Math.floor((TN(FD('{TICKET TIME}','HH')) * 60 + TN(FD('{TICKET TIME}','mm')) + 90) / 60) + ':' + (TN(FD('{TICKET TIME}','HH')) * 60 + TN(FD('{TICKET TIME}','mm')) + 90) % 60]

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Thanks - i looked at that but I need to show the end time on the receipt ticket given at the point of sale. I’ve tried settiing the minimum time as 90 mins, and set an action on the settle button to stop the timers but the end time shows as the start time plus a second or two…

I tried setting up a sql trigger to force the end time into the notes of the ticket, but whilst that works in the template preview, it doesn’t work on the customers receipt because that’s printed from memory not the sql tables.

thanks - I’ll try the math function!

Just to say thanks - the math function works perfectly :wink: so Cheers :slight_smile: