Time Clock data reset

I have successfully set up the punch in - punch out time clock for the staff and it seems to work ok, however, I don’t know how to reset the database to delete all of the record.

our customer has high turn over staff and when new staff come in, she want to remove the old one and also want to reset the database monthly.

And I cannot search by date and by month, all report come from the beginning. Not sure how to fix this.

Anyone know how to do this please… :slight_smile:


You can run a query in SSMS, but keep in mind it will delete any stored information thats using Tasks, that means Reservations, Clock-Ins, Kitchen displays or whatever else you might be running via Tasks


You cant remove previous users, you can change their PIN though. The reason why you cant is because these details are used in Transactions such as Tickets. You would have to remove all previous transactions to remove the old users

Though it would be nice if a checkbox “Deactivate User” could be implemented, that would be awesome.

I am not sure what you are referring to, can you be more specific? Date ranges work fine in SambaPOS reports.

I mean when I go to the report and want to check eg… how many hour my staff work today, but when I did… it bring all working hours from the beginning.

Like I cannot just search for a day…

Can you please tell me how to do this?

Just cannot filter the report to date and month we want to see. all date shown at once.