Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


Go to Settings > Local Settings > Display and enable the Custom Navigation

Then go to Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance and click the build default navigation buttons.


Show us some screenshots of what you have it can help us understand your issue.


Ok, I didn’t know… I will check now, but I really need something like this to control everyone. I will give you the feedback soon. Thank you very much once again!


To add more employees you simply run the Configuration Task again. Run it each time you need to add new employee. If I update the task all you need to do is press Update Tasks and it will download the new updated task.

I would post here if I ever update it.


ok, I already did, one thing, may be I need to do something… in navigation for twice I enter in punch editor and error, crash sambapos, I need start again.


Did you delete any employee entities? That is something we probably need to work on is if you need to remove an employee. Right now its not built to handle that and that causes the crash.

I will look into a fix so you can remove employees if need be. For now dont delete any employees.


yes this task and other you have, I love your tasks and everything you do! :smile:


yes, first I create the second and thirth manually, and then I saw it wasn’t in reports and deleted after a while…


Recreate that employee and it will stop crashying… or start over if your not live. Next couple days ill work on a fix for it. I am going to add the option to remove employees via the configuration task.

We can probably work out various methods for termination of employees as well as just removing mistakes.


ok, perfect. I will do it again. Thanks


I have a fix for the crash issue. I will update the task and let you know in a sec. It will allow you to delete Employee entities. Later I will automate removing employees through task but for now this will let you delete entities without crashing on Punch Editor.

Give me few minutes to update task.


ok, thanks, I’m here|


Task is updated. Try fresh again and update your tasks and run it again. Then test deleting an Employee entity.

It was a Rule causing the crash. The rule was the PE Show Punch Editor Screen

The crash was because the PEEntity setting was hard coded for Jesse

I changed that to a script call and then used a script to select First Employee Entity.

I will work on adding the Removal of Employees through Configuration Task. I will update it and update the thread here when its done.


NO, still the same… I recreated again manually, now to update i need to create one more, I create a test, already deleted, the other employer also, but still the same. The time clock looks amazing!


To use the new task you would have to delete the entire setup and update task then install the task again.

I just tested it and deleted entity and it worked fine.

If you installed the updated task then this rule would look like following:

Or just edit that rule as I just showed and then edit the following script;

function getusers2(){

var qry = "SELECT e.[Name] FROM [Entities] e JOIN [EntityTypes] et on et.[Id]=e.[EntityTypeId] WHERE et.[Name] = 'Employees' ORDER BY e.[Name]";

var r = sql.Query(qry).First;

return r;


Add the extra function below first function as shown.

Those 2 changes is what fixed it. You can do those manually if you want.


You are absolutely amazing! I really love this forum. When I did it again didn’t work, but after I change your explanation everything went perfect. The setting value was jesse and no getuser2 on script.


and please, one more question…
for what is punch editor and how it works?


Punch Editor allows you to edit time clock punches if an employee punches wrong time or forgets to clock. Only administrator or manager should be allowed access to punch editor.


Hi Kendash Thanks for the great Tutorial, Just a quick Question is there any rule to prevent Work Period Closing until all Users have Logged Out for that work period. Have tried different methods but it still force closes Work Period. i.e. to ask question Have all users Logged out if not for them to manually do it, i can do it automatically by setting Action and Rule to Punch out on work period end but struggling with question as both yes or no answers force closes work period

Thank You


Yes its possible to automate that. Before Work Period Ended event should work.