Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users


Tried that but still closes work period with Yes or No Question directing back to POS has me Stumped. Lol any Suggestions to point me in the right direction would be grateful. haven’t got it in system had to recover DB as work period was freezing for various periods of time.

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May need to use a script for it. I will look into it.


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No. Don’t auto logout users remotely… You may not know what user was doing with that terminal. There is one more similar discussion about that here.


Don’t you shut down terminals before leaving venue?


I was more thinking of a script that would check for clocked in employees and display a warning that they are still clocked in. Since this is dealing with Entities and not Users.


Lol Hi Emre well the issue is we close at 4pm on a daily basis mon to sat and the problem is the girls i have working for me keep forgetting to logout so when work period ends and restarts the next day they are showing as working 24 hours lol and the only way i can combat this is to auto logout each staff member before work period ends otherwise i have to keep checking and reopening work periods to log them out which is increasing my work period logs and databases, they are a good bunch of honest girls but they tend to forget to logout each day Bless Em. lol


I think whats confusing this is the terminology… they are not users they are Entities that forgot to clock out… not logout.

What you need is a reminder system for them to clock out. I will give you some very good experience however. This boils down to discipline. You need to be VERY strict with them clocking out. When they miss a punch you need to have consequences after so many times…Do not allow them to do it. Make them fear a write up or something if they continue to forget to clock out. After a few strong talkings and letting them know consequences of missing set amount of punches if they feel your serious they will make sure they clock out.


Correct - Tired and Flued up lol Sorry Guys and sorry i should have mentioned i only have the one terminal.


Its ok. We just had a terminology conflict. We can automate a reminder system. But you need to instill discipline in them so they do not forget to clock out. Just like they wont forget to pick up their pay check…


Lol i know been there and told them but they when they come in work and hour early and stay behind an hour and refuse to get paid. i feel like a bit of ogre to keep telling them off. lol


on average per week 4-6 hours per week each girl will work either stay behind or come in early to start the day. like i said good bunch of honest and caring girls…


Well in USA if a business gets caught doing that its really bad we get big fines. Anyway we can automate a system for reminding them. But we should not automate it. Many countries frown on that because it means you could be messing with their pay which is big no no.

Lets discuss a reminder system then.

Do your people ever get paid for hours after Work Period closes? My restaurant I close work period but finish cleaning etc.


OK. We can focus on that. Let me know when you need a feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help Kendash, in the UK it’s classed as Volunteering being a small business…


Wow thats nice in USA its called forced working off clock and we get major fines and a labor board down our throat. They can even shutdown a business.


Explain a little about your flow daily and be detailed like when your employees actually clock out etc. We can automate a system for reminder and we can even automate something to clock them out if they miss reminder and then give manager a reminder of missed punch.


glad i’m in the UK Lol well when the girls close work period they still stay and clean up ready for the next day…


Here is what I plan to do with mine. I plan to automate reminders when its close to closing time… If they still forget then I plan to automate it so it clocks them out but it also will send a reminder to Admin or designated employee like manager that they missed a punch. I use the Punch Editor for fixing the punch. My payroll cant be finalized until any missed punches are corrected.


Well this can Vary as the Shift patterns change because they all try and help each other kids, appointments hospital visits e.t.c but the end of day is 4pm and like i said i could just do an auto logout when work period ends but it’s a question i really need to remind them if all staff have logged out.


Here is something I am wondering… clocking them out at wp end can be done… however what if someone that worked early shift and was suposed to leave before WP end… but they forget to clock out?

I think we need to consider a basline shift in hours… and after so many hours if employee still clocked in it will initiate reminders and if still missed it will create a Punch Exception with details like hour clocked in hours duration etc so you can fix the punch easily later.