Time reaccion slow the sambapos4 AND queue print saturation

I have two printers; kitchen and bar sometimes does not get the order.

tablets slow reaction. Sambapos recomendation to use CPU requirements MEMORY RAM?, PROCESSOR??? CARD RED??

PLEASE urgent need


Can you describe more information about your printing problem & slow tablet?
You can see Sambapos recomendation below:

I use I3 and 4gb ram for my Server. ran smoothly :grin:

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If you have done custom configuration/automation it might also possibly be configuration error.
Check hardware specs first but if specs are good consider reviewing automation - ie if sluggishness is on a particular event like order added or ticket open and other parts are more responsive.

Problems using print server, not print appears Printer queue

using RDP, not Print, Print queue only


Any recommendations SERVER PRINT¿??

las caracteristicas de la PC esta bien?

SambaPOS does not prints directly to printer. It adds printout to queue and Windows + driver software prints that. So if it appears in print queue that means SambaPOS configuration is OK but for a reason it does not prints. There might be a lot of reasons for that. Sounds like a driver issue but you can try updating printer drivers, updating windows, use different printer cables or test it with a different printer.


It could even be as simple as the printer is out of paper, has an error (paper jam), etc. Clearing the problem with the printer will cause the Queue to process.

Most often when my Open Drawer button does not work, it is because the printer is out of paper and there are other print jobs in the queue holding it up.

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