Timeclock functionality using Key Fobs and/or magnetic swipe

Hello all -

Does anyone know if there is a way to utilize the Time Clock while both requiring employees to clock in before allowing login AND while using key cards or fobs WITHOUT having to memorize the number associated with their key fob?

In my setup I use key fobs that are preprogrammed so I don’t have any control over the CR after the number.


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No we have not added that support yet but we will look into it.

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Yes that was in our development list. I hope we will do it in a short time.

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Awesome! Thank you for following up! I’ve been hoping this in-built functionality would come to Samba for a long time. Thank you for making that a reality!

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I also need this functionality - right now because the RFID keyfob is essentially entering the number then sending the enter command, so it works fine for login but there is no way to scan the keyfob and press the clock in/out button on the login screen.

Do we have an update as to when this will be available as I have a client who just bought from us who needs this.

Could I make a suggestion that if you were to keep the current functionality of the clock in/out button which works perfectly if typing a PIN, but if the clock in/out button is pressed without entering a PIN, instead of the current “Enter PIN” message, could it popup a keypad to enter PIN? This would mean if a user with a keyfob (or even just someone who does not enter a PIN) presses clock in/out, the keyfob can then be scanned with this keypad.

For the moment as a workaround, is there any way we can clock in users using an action? I see there is a “clock out all users” action but nothing for clock in?

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Good Idea we can add it.

We are working on it but there is no date.

Very good idea we can discuss it.

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