Timeclock v6 Installation Help

First off, my name is Noel and I would like to say that I have no programming background. I have been reading up on the timeclock forums and will require a little more help than the rest of you guys. Please bear with me as my questions may seem easy to you, but they are head-scratchers to me. All of this is new to me, and I am learning from the tutorials.
I have already created a menu and now I was trying to add the timeclock aspect. Apparently, Jesse has informed me the SambaPOS version does not work correctly and has forwarded the Timeclock v6 to me.
I have followed his instructions but I cannot get it to work. Keep in mind I tried to install it the SambaPOS way first.
QUESTION 1 - Do I have to undo all the procedures it told me to do first?
Is this causing a conflict?
QUESTION 2 - Jesse informed me on the steps to take to install this file, but just in case i missed something, are there A-Z steps to do so someone like me can follow?
That’s it for now, Thanks for any help. We are trying to get this set-up to present to customers.

Hey possquared, welcome to the community.

First thing, work on a practice computer/database. Do not expect to figure everything out on a production computer/database without first understanding how to get it setup and configured.

Second thing you should know, Backup/Restore is your best friend. You can find it Main Menu->Manage->Settings->Database Backups (you may have to scroll to see it)

Third thing, making mistakes will be an enemy you will embrace. That’s where your best friend comes in at, to help you out. You will learn/discover what not to do AND what you can do, by making mistakes.

Answer to Question 1: We don’t know what you tried…If you have a link you used that would be helpful.

Answer to Question 2: Jesse is pretty good a explaining things. Again, if we knew what you tried, that would be helpful.

To share a screen shot of your computer, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, then paste (Control + v) it into reply box. There is also a free program called ShareX to take screen shots and edit the pictures.

Again, welcome to the community!


I think you misunderstood me. There is no built in time clock it must be configured. The timeclock6 I gave you is that configuration. Start by giving screenshots and illustrate you issues we can try and help you navigate this.

I will create a reseller forum category tonight for all of us to share ideas and help with issues and self paced training.

That sounds like a great idea.