Timer since an order was made (open talbes)

Hi guys,

Quick question. I need a timer under each table (or on a corner) to display the time since the order was added. This is good to keep tracking the time since the order was added. It’s more to control the kitchen’s time not to exceed. I found something similar in here but not sure how to do it. any directions you might wanna send me?
I am curently using SambaPos v3. Might migrate to v4 but I need Spanish language first.

Mircea Dobre

Unfortunately this is the V4 forum so there isnt any support for V3 you need to go to the V3 forum which i think is at sambapos.org

If you can upgrade to V4 dont wait just do it is my advice it is much more advanced than V3 and V5 is soon to launch with even more functionality and this will have multi language support added further down the line

What your asking for i dont think is even available to do in V3 but as most users here havent used V3 and as it is the V4 forum you probably wont get the help you need

Best bet is to upgrade to V4 then V5 when released :slight_smile:

Make sense to move to v5 when multiple languages will be applied. Probably I’ll wait for v5. I know v3 it’s kind of old version, but it’s the one with multiple languages.