TIP! Ask Question in 5.1.53 Automation Command Name must not be empty

Up until 5.1.52, Ask Question can pass Command Value (Button Clicked) even Automation Command Field is empty but 5.1.53, Automation Command Name must not be empty (type in any fake name) if you only need to get value from button clicked.

What does (button clicked) mean?

How could you pass command values without defining the field? I mean how would it know what automation command to pass the values too?

Maybe you should show some screenshots of what you mean.

I remember I changed how it works but I don’t know what I’ve broke :slight_smile:

Ask question Buttons like OK,Cancel.
I can get [:CommandValue] return for those buttons in 5.1.52 with empty Automation Command Name.

No Big deal, I just need to type something in that field then it works fine.

Before show message will display value

Still not following you… how can you return a command value for those buttons if you do not have a command defined?

I just use Ask Question for Input instead of Ask Parameter.

I understand. I could be wrong but I would think its best to always define an Automation Command Name and then read those values in a separate rule.

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Yes, it better to do that indeed or you will end up with broken automation like me lol

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