Tip & CC Tip - Direct Payments

Thank you for the advice but this is not a solution for me.

Either when the cash/credit card button is hit I should be able to enter the tip manually or when I use Tip/CC Tip buttons the payment should be processed automatically depending on the type.

I’m wondering if a payment processor would work. Let me play around and see what may be possible.

Yes it might if we cant get it to ask to enter manual amount.

Right off the bat, there’s an option to apply the balance as tip. Say the bill is 150 and 160 is entered, you’re asked if you want that as tip. This would work OK for credit cards where no change is returned (typically). However with a cash payment this gets a bit sticky.

Yes, I have this already working. When it is mixed payment this cannot be done.

Let’s say:
Pay $100 as Credit Card
Pay $10 as Cash.

It wouldnt work, right?

As long as the calculation type moves the money into/out of the proper account(s) it should. I’ll have to play with it.

With regards to payment processors, one should be able to prompt for a tip and add a calculation. So, let’s say there’s a $10 cash tip. A calculation for tip is added for $10, but then also a payment for $10 would need to be added to balance the drawer.

Q did something with a payment processor to store CC details.

I haven’t parsed the ticket object to see what data is passed. If it contains a ticket identifier, one could use the API to open the terminal ticket, add the needed calculations/payments, then close it.

I have a friend leaving the island today. If I don’t drink a whole lot, I’ll work on this later and see what can be done.

Yes, it could work. You would need to 2 different buttons for payments. 1 for the mix payment method and one for all cc payments.

Are you using Fast Cash buttons on the POS screen? Could you show a screen shot of your POS screen…or at least the buttons you have underneath the ticket window.

payment screen 2

I was trying to build my own Tip button. Then i can use update calculation amount and pay ticket actions where pay ticket amount = CA.Tip. Not sure if it would work.

I/we are not trying to make things more confusing. I’m just trying to let you know what other options there are.

I am using Fast Cash buttons configured to common denominations we use (bottom row).

The yellow button we can use as exact cash (no typing in numbers) or we can type a number in the numberpad and press that button to show how much change to give back. We can also mix any of the Fast Cash buttons and CC buttons.

I got that from the Printer Templates section.

Ok thanks, but how would that help about the tip problem?

Oh, sorry. I had my mind on splitting the payments. I forgot about adding the tip to the bill automatically.

Disregard my previous message. How about something like this:

Here is the Rule I used:

The 2 actions are:
Update Ticket Calculation
Pay Ticket

There is an Automation Command button mapped to “Display under ticket”. You could also map it to “Display Under Ticket 2nd Row”

Thank you a lot my friend

So, I have something that might work for Cash Payments with Cash Tip. I still think using the payment processor I quoted for the credit card would be the easiest for credit cards.

But this works at the time of payment. With credit card, you print the bill, run the card, and when you get the slip back you know the tip to add and close the ticket.

For cash, you enter the amount tendered and then the change due is displayed. The ticket is closed after that.

So, the default closing rules would have to be modified to not fully close the ticket when cash is paid and remaining total is 0. Then, the server would have to enter the ticket again, click a button to add tip if needed and then fully close the ticket.

If this looks like what you’re looking for let me know and I’ll see if I can figure something out with the closing rules.

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Yes, actually this is what I was asking for. Would work for me.

Ok. I’ll get back to it in the morning and test some ideas. I’ll post if get something to work. Have good night.

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You too brother. Thank you for your time and effort.

Good day,

Just a reminder of this scenario;

Customer pays with credit card but leaves cash tip. Since the payment buttons dont work with 0 values, adding cash tip like you did in the video might be bit tricky.

This is interesting. Most places would not want to record cash tips like that. Most places would just add it up at end of day and distribute it. But you are wanting to record those tips. Are they part of their salary? Maybe that would be why.