Tips Declare Function

Hello everyone. I would like to add a tip declare function for the servers. The way I would like it to work is for the server to be prompted to fill enter their tips collected for the shift as they clock out.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can go about building something like this. I initially thought about using states but I don’t know if anyone has a better way. Thanks Ill keep everyone posted once if we find a solution

We have a tip declare built into a time clock already. I will share it with you tonight.


Awesome!! Thank you so much

IYou can try the new time clock setup. Just install the DB tools file then it will add a configuration task which you run to complete the setup.

It includes the tip declare function @Jesse was talking about.

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Hey guys, is there any more instruction available with this timeclock. I cant seem to figure out how to clock out.

Looks like there were conflicts with existing time clock setup I was using. So far this looks pretty good. I am excited to tinker with it.

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I also have a 7shifts integration if interested. 7shifts is a scheduling and time keeping application. It can be found in beta category as well.

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I’ll def check it out. I was reading about it in the thread, it seems really interesting.
This new set up is much more user friendly. The fact that it goes based off of users is really key, eliminates the need to create employee entities and states. Less steps = less room for error. A suggestion I would add is have more fields in the users area so that you can keep employee phone number, address, tax info, etc.

Also is there any resources regarding making reports with tasks. I want to create a report like this for the weekly payroll

So weekly is tough. It’s why it’s still in beta. I think we need more tools to create the correct report. It needs some improvements first.

I can get technical why but right now I don’t have the time to explain it. When I’m back from my trip I’ll explain.

So Im checking out the reservation set up. It is grouped by date. I am trying to figure out how they managed to group thing by date and instead group them by User.

Do me a favor and let’s start a discussion on it in beta forum. We can work on it there.

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Glad I got here,very informative chain going on here, thank you so much for all the tips provided here.

Oh okay.This is useful to me.Thanks for the information .

Great will have a a look.Thankyou.