Tips for setting up a wireless kitchen printer


Is it better to have a laptop in the kitchen connecting a thermal printer OR is it better just putting a wireless printer in the kitchen? i have never experience this and would like some advice from the masters here because once the outlet is running, anything happens to kitchen printer would be very disastrous to my customer experience.

for example, maybe the signal doesn’t go thru and the wireless printer can’t print. etc.
harder to install than a wired one
a seperate router for customer and another for the use of the restaurant personal network.

is there anything I should take care of in case of any unexpected circumstances.


I would put the extra work in installing network cable and have a wired printer either connected to a terminal/computer which in on the LAN or a wired network printer.

I personally would not have such a key device on wifi.

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If you can’t have the printer connected by Ethernet or usb, then at least have a wireless printer and router that supports a 5 Ghz frequency. I currently use a wireless printer in the kitchen. And before, I had it connected to the 2.4 Ghz frequency from my router. I’d say it would miss approximately 2 print jobs a week, which is rare, but absolutely detrimental. Now, I have it connected to the 5GHz freq, and it has not missed a single print job… yet. But it’s always safer to have these components hard-wired.

edit: I had 2 wireless keyboards, 2 wireless barcode scanners, and at least one wifi device that used a 2.4 Ghz band, all at the same time.