"Title Case" Capital


I need to make my guest’s name First letter to be automatic capital. Either in Entity creating screen or automatic. Is there anyway to do that ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Good question, all lower-case names always bugs me, haven’t seen a solution but sure someone will post a solution soon if its possible. Setting ‘Title Case’ as a posed to a mask would be preferable if that were possible.

Sure !!, I already tried with Format binding but it did not work out as planed. Hopefully there is an answer :slight_smile:

Had a quick google to see if I could find anything about formatting & masks on SQL (not that that is the answer) but the terminology is a bit beyond me but couldn’t see anything that suggested it was what I was looking for - it was all about scripts to update formatting rather than masks but mask/formatting may not be the right search term.

I cannot think of a way to do this.

Can you go into detail what you mean by this? What did you do exactly?

Well I don’t know if the binding is the correct word for it but what I did was, I read an article about how charectors are formatted in sambaPos and implied it. As an example “>” this charector makes caps lock enable and “<” this one ends it … It works good but the problem is then the text area only allows one charector to be typed. I guess there is no way to do that.

Where in SambaPOS did you implement this? Can you show a screenshot please?

I am curious as well…

As you can see here the first letter appears capital but it limits to only 5 characters. So it wont certainly work. :grin:

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Why not just add more than 5 characters then?

I thought of that, then again I cannot keep a space between first name and second name.Only way to use is having two entries to enter name and surname

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@emre, can you chime in on this please… can you explain the Format field here? Does it accept Regular Expressions? Can you use them to automatically format text for case-conversion as well?

This is the explanation however it might not be suitable for Name, Surname entry as they have variable lengths.

We can switch to regex implementation but it will probably break existing configurations. I’ll think a solution for that.