TOGO Ticket Button

I’m having a problem with Change Ticket Entity. I’m trying to create a button to create a new ticket and assign a create/assign a customer such as “TOGO_{TICKET NO}”.

When I fire my action to Change Ticket Entity of Customer to TOGO it doesn’t show the customer entity on the ticket. I tried loading the entity before running the Change Ticket Entity command as well, but that didn’t work. Here’s my stuff… any ideas?


Key word is Create New ticket. If you plan to do that then the Can Create Ticket option should be true.

Changed this, it still does not assign TOGO to Customer.

Did you refresh action in rule?

I put a refresh (display ticket (id 0)) action after the change ticket entity action in the rule. No go.

I created an automation command button that displays in ticket that calls the same change ticket entity action. When I do this it updates the customer entity and refreshes the ticket fine. argh…


When you updated the action to make can create ticket true did you then remove that action from the rule, save it and close it and then add the action back to the rule?

Thats what @Jesse meant when he asked if you refreshed the action, he didnt mean to add a refresh action to the rule

If you change an action for it to update in the rule you need to remove it from the rule and re add it for the changes to take effect


Gotcha, I just checked it. No that didn’t change anything.

If I don’t have “create ticket” action prior to “change ticket entity” it doesn’t create a ticket even if true is on can create ticket.

If I have create ticket then change ticket entity it doesn’t assign the customer name.


Is your entity name spelt correctly, exactly as you have it in you action eg TOGO and not “togo” or “to go” or “To Go” or anything?

Lets start from beginning can you explain your work flow your trying to accomplish with To Go entity? I mean why are you using an entity like this?

PS: its not wrong but if you explain the flow we can understand what your trying to achieve and possibly provide solutions you may not know are available.