Tohisba A10 Integrated Customer Display

I have a Toshiba A10 with integrated customer display and really struggling to get it working. I’ve followed all guides I can find with no joy.

It’s running on a OPOS driver COM 4.

Thanks Jason

@JASONCRAWFORD private messages wont help your situation, I dont do 121 support on the community forum.
To get answers you need to offer more detail else people will just look at your question and see all the q&a they will need to go through before even getting to the point of the question.

Have you tested with putty? Got any interaction with that?
Have you got a copy of the manual for the display as easier for you to post it or link that us have to search and hope we find the correct model etc.

@JASONCRAWFORD this will be very hard for us to help you with. Your presenting us something that typically we would need to see to know what is happening. Please provide more supporting information so we can help you. Show us what you have tried, show us screenshots, pictures, etc.