Top Ranking Customers and Request

Following from the post below it seems that it is not so easy for Top 5 Customers.

As Customer is ENTITY how is it attached to Sales? There Account Transactions, Account Values, and Accounts and so on.

@emre would be a good feature to be able to supply a Max Results Parameter to all REPORT TAGS. Therefore I could use the standard {REPORT ORDER:x} Tag - using Sum and Desc key words PLUS maybe MAX keyword to return only 5 lines.

No need for SQL DETAILS just would return TOP n / BOTTOM n for any Report Tag! :smiley:

Just to show that I am not completely lazy:

[Top 5 Customer:6, 2]
{CALL:Max.Lines("{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:EC.Customer.Full Name,O.ExactTotal.sum.desc:(ODI=True) && (TCET=Customers):{0}|${1}}", 5)}

Fed into a Script to only return 5 Lines :grinning:


Hi @pauln , would you mind mentioning what function you used? split()?