Total amount of items when there is more than one customer receipt

I have a situation on my receipt. When there are repeated items in a transaction not add the amount in cash of all the items. Get regular price even more than one item.
4 rolls to 0.20 cents should be 0.80.
And printed on the receipt 4 rolls to 0.20 = 0.20
Look at the picture. Thanks !!!

Your Printer Template is set incorrectly. Please post your Template.

Specifically, your [ORDERS] Section should look like this:


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But the total looks right.
Can you show your template?

Your ticket template is incorrect, there is a tag for order line value which is what you have set, but there is also a tag for order line total so if like in your case you have 4 of an item it will display 0.8 instead of 0.2

All you need to do is replace the tags, or as some people do in their setups have the unit price first followed by the total price

I cant remember the correct tag, ill have a look and post it if you cant find it

Thats it you need TOTAL AMOUNT tag as @QMcKay has just posted, change the tag to that and it will work