Total for purchase transaction


Is it possible to have a total for when you capture create an inventory/purchase transaction? This will help to ensure that we don’t miss an item when receiving stock.


That’s what Reports do for you.

In particular, you want to look at (found in the 2nd link):


Yes, I’ve already used the reports, but is there a way to add a button/action on the warehouse screen to print the current Purchase transaction? I really don’t want to give access to the staff who capturing the stock to all the reports.

If you want to limit access to such things, and create Buttons and Automation mechanisms, you need to build your own Entity Screens and use Widgets. You limit access to the Screen via the User Roles Mapping(s) for the Entity Screen.

In this case, you use a Report Viewer Widget to display the Report, and use Automation Command Widgets for buttons that fire Actions like Print Report.

Thanks will try, using the entity screens.

I’ve looked at the custom report tags but don’t know how to summarize break the report per
Purchase transaction document.

Below is my current attempt which i copied from another report, can you point me to where I can learn how to use the “variables” like $1

[Purchase Transaction:3,2,2]
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:D.Description,D.Date,T.TotalPrice:(D.Description.Name=$1)}