Total sales & payment settled (for each user)

Dear Sambapos Community,

Can anyone help me to create Total sales & payment settled template for each waiter / username?
The default template is good enough, but i need to separate the report for each user without the ability to see the overall sales report.
So the user that log-on can only see their own sales & payment settled.

Can anyone help me with the report template?


Hi Kelvin, See if the Below will Give what you need.

[Sales by User:5, 2, 2,1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and (OU=$1):{0}:,}
@{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.User,P.Amount.Sum::{0}:,}
>>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.User,O.ExactTotal.Sum:(OU=$1)}
>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and (OU=$1) and O.MenuItemName="$2"}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:'     '+[O.PortionName],O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and (OU=$1) and O.MenuItemName="$2":2}
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