Track Gift Items in reports

So I have 3 differnt reasosns for items to be gifted 100% discount. The first is from this Tracking Promotions by Points where it’s buy 6drinks get 1 free, next reason is for staff, and last is for certain customers who get free drinks. I would like to be able to generate a line in my reports similar to this.

I thought about using setting values to incrmenet each tiem a order was put through and print them in the report and then clear them after the work period is over, but obviously this is not effective if I want to get reports from say the last year.

Any thoughts about going through with this?

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You would need to use db persistent values like States or Order Tags in my opinion.

Yes but then my question is, how would I use reports like for the whole year? or for the month. Could @emre provide an easier way to track these Im kinda confused

Your Report Filters available from the Reports menu allow you to report back periods and I assume you can use ranges encompassing a year.

Using the .Sum suffix you can achieve what you want as I think you will find SambaPOS is very transactional based. That is to say you be hard pressed to find system totals - most are created on the fly.

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I think it’ll be easier just to send it to my web api for free drink amounts and store it inside my mysql db

Very good point to think about. All reporting is generated as it should be. We can extrapolate any data we need into reports we have SQL which is virtually unlimited reporting. We have the report tags making it easier to generate most reports, and we have graphql now making it easy to manipulate and customize data.

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