Tracking inventory in form of grams

Hi guys we have a butchery and the scenario is we use amount instead of quantity that is the customer comes and request give me meat fry worth 800 ksh which is 1kg another customer comes given me for 1200ksh which is more than a kg which multipliers do we use so that we track the quantity in grams coz the default samba multiplier is one(1)

You should read the inventory tutorial it will help you understand it better. Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags

You set your base unit to the smallest unit used so in your case g or gram. You set your recipe to use a portion of kilogram and then if you type .25 it will do 250 grams if you type 1 it will do 1 kg.

I can go on and on but you need to read the tutorial and try some things until you understand it.