Tracking inventory when using Order Tags


I’ve read the following post : Product Sell with Option (Order Tags) -- Inventory tracking

… but I still have a question. I may be missing something, so please excuse the (maybe) duplicate question.

I have the following inventory items:

  • Breads
    – White bread
    – Brown bread
    – Rye bread
  • Dairy
    – Cheddar cheese
    – Margarine
  • Cold Meats
    – Sandwhich Ham

I have the following product:

  • Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I have the following recipe:

  • Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich Recipe
    – Sandwich Ham
    – Cheddar Cheese
    – Margarine

I have the following Order Tag Group List:

  • Name: Sandwich Bread Modifier
  • Min Selected Items: 1
  • Max Selected Items: 1
  • Order Tag List:
    – White bread, Max Qty 1, Product Not Selected, Price 0.00
    – Brown bread, Max Qty 1, Product Not Selected, Price 0.00
    – Rye bread, Max Qty 1, Product Not Selected, Price 5.00
  • Mappings: Maps to Product Group Sandwiches

What I would like to achieve is: If a diner orders a Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich, the cashier has to select the Breads option (of which the options are White, Brown or Rye). When they select one of these options, I would like the selected bread option’s inventory item to decrease.

In the above thread, you mention picking a Product in the Order Tag list… however, I want to be able to select an inventory item, not a product.

Is this the way (Order Tags) to achieve this? Or should I create a recipe per bread option?

When using Order Tags you use products for consumption, not inventory items.
So in the case of White Bread, the product White Bread (2) has a recipe 1:2 with inventory item White Bread - 2 slices.

Ok… So I have to create a product (called White Bread (2)) in this case?

This will however then allow a user to sell this product on its own if I understand correctly… is there a way that I can then hide this product on the POS screen?

Yes. Don’t add it to a menu.
Not every product that you enter has to be in a menu.

Awesome… tyvm. Working perfectly.