Tracking Multiple Tills Cash

Ive had my first customer who specifically needs to have the cash and card from each till shown separately on the work period report.
I have followed @emre tutorial using separate Payment Accounts and Payment Types.
This works well and will do the job HOWEVER, the system has fast payment buttons which are based on a pay ticket action.
As I have named the new Payment Accounts and Payment Types ‘Cash (Till-1A)’ etc where the bracketed part matches the terminal name I was hoping I could update the action to have Payment Type Name = Cash ({:CURRENTTERMINAL})

There are 4 fast pay buttons (cash,5,10 and 20) and 4 tills, Id rather not have to duplicate action 4 times then duplicate the 4 rules another 4 times aswell.

Anyone tried similar or have a suggested solution?

Did you tried this report?

The customer does not have the custom reports module as on tight budget after purchasing 4 till setup so was doing my best to do using standard work period report.

After thinking about it a little more I could get away with 4 actions and just adding all 4 actions to the 4 rules and constraining the individual actions which isnt such a nightmare…

Presume the pay ticket action with Payment Type Name = Cash ({:CURRENTTERMINAL}) is a no go then :smile:

I don’t see why that shouldn’t work. If it does not however, try this with the SETTING keyword to see if it works:


How do you mean?
Make a program setting with terminal name and call that?


My bad, I had the change ther terminal names adding the dash to make one word as was a space and made the payment buttons in settle screen drop over 3 lines so added the dash.
Forgot to restart samba after changing and reassigning terminal name :smile:

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The SETTING keyword gives access to a Printer Template Tag, which is slightly different than a program setting or program variable.

@emre has explained this before more clearly than I can currently remember… I will see if I can find his post regarding the differences between the syntaxes.

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Would appreciate if you do have a ling, sounds like a handy tip :smile:

He explained it in one of my posts. I can’t remember which one. I think I replied to a request.

Here is the explanation that I remember… it had to do with Ticket Lister Widget Validation …

That may not work as an action parameter. Instead try configuring it as a variable and pass desired value from rule.

It worked :smile:
The issue was I renamed the terminals and reassigned the new names but hadn’t restarted samba.
After restarting samba it worked exactly as expected.
This is a handy work arround for using fast payment buttons with cash per terminal on report.

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