Trial license limitations


I’ve just downloaded the trial to have a play as the product looks really good, but I’m a bit lost already!

Are there any limitations on the trial version? I’m struggling to work out where to setup things like delivery maps, and when I add customers the record is deleted straight away.

Any help much appreciated!

You need to spend time (lot of time) learning. Try follow tutorials and actually set it up, not just read will help a lot.

By default, it won’t delete so, you must doing something wrong. Again try follow easy to intermediate tutorials before even try to do things by yourself.

No limit in functionality but after 500 tickets create it will have nagging activation warning.

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So am I right in thinking SambaPOS is more of a POS framework than a turnkey solution? We have a customer who is very interested in the delivery features mentioned on the SambaPOS website. Are there downloadable templates for these features or is it more a case of “this is what you can do with it”?

Don’t get me wrong - it looks like a fantastic product, and I’m more than happy to sit and learn it. The client only needs a very basic install at the moment (takeaway fish and chip shop) but I want to put him on a system that will evolve with him to provide delivery management and online ordering.

You got it, that is pretty much what it is, on install it’s a very basic POS setup but it’s features allow you to build it up in whatever way you want.
I did hotel setup and made it intergrate with booking system. Other made it intergrate with TimeTrex HR system, others have completely restructured the menu system to act like a retail software.
It is most likely the most flexable software without building your own from scratch.

After 500 tickets it will be expired.

There isnt really a trial licence, the software has no limitations but after 500 tickets if there is not an activated licence it will display very annoying licence activation messages.
The software doesnt stop working at this point but the messages do make it unpractical for a production environment.

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There are very good tutorials to setup delivery and there is a configuration task that automates it.

Thanks I’ll look at them.

I tried the configuration task (the gloria food one) and it seemed to work but a lot of the buttons didn’t do anything (delivery map etc). I’m guessing there’s more work to be done to finish the setup, is there a specific tutorial you’d recommend?

The GloriaFood configuration task should set up the delivery management for you and should work fully. Of course you need to do some additional steps to integrate with GloriaFood. Which buttons specifically don’t do anything? Display Map will only work when you select a ticket from the list above it. Deliverer entity buttons will only work when you first add deliverers (delivery drivers) and also select a ticket in the list above the buttons.

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