Triggers and other things on multi terminal setups

Just wanted to confirm something, I haven’t seen it specifically mentioned in the forum (but I’m sure it’s deep within some tutorials or questions somewhere!)

On a multi terminal setup:

  1. If I have a trigger set to run every x minutes, is that trigger run on every terminal? If so, I guess I can restrict it to only once by using the rule mapping on the Trigger Executed event. If it is not per terminal and only triggered once per time period across the whole system, which terminal scope is used and how can I control it?

  2. On automatic backups at end of work period - usually I set up systems on the main terminal or server where the database is stored. However when the backup takes place, is the backup actually being stored on whichever terminal initiates the end work period? If so, is there any way I can force the backups to be stored only on the server so I don’t end up with backups spread across multiple locations? Thinking beyond the obvious “only end work period on server” suggestion here!. Possibly set the backup path as a network location? Anyone else dealt with similar before?

I normally use task scheduler on server to backup and upload to dropbox.

I use a shared folder for all epos files which is mapped on all terminals and just use the ‘backup on workperiod end option’ that way all terminals backup to the main server machine…

I have similar for my PMS integration, trigger is executed system wide presumably using message server. I just map the triggered rule to my server machine to avoid script running in duplicate on multiple terminals.
So all will see the trigger but only the server will act uppon it.