Trouble with customer display

Hello all,

i’m currently trying to make the customer display to work.
for this i’m using the instructions provided here:

i have made the welcome and closed screen and this is working good. But when i’m making the display to work with the making of an order i only see the tags instead of the products and price.

the template i made is:

xct 12
(i’m using the > and < also for the L00 and the xct command)

this seems not to be working. also instead of an € i’m getting a ? on the display i think it has to do with the character set. i configured this to the default of 857 at the printer screen.

the display i’m using is an 2x20 display. it’s something like this:

sorry for the bad english and thanks in advance for the help!

thanks fot the new turtorial!

i still have a problem figuring out what command i should use to clear the screen. you use in your tut 31,20,17 but this doesn’t seem to be working for my display. how can i find out what command i have to use ? i don’t have any documentation of brand name on the display.

if i turn the screen on it says DSP-800 command mode so i think that should be used for it but after viewing some documents that are using that i still can’t figure out what the right code is.

i just googled DSP 800 and some manuals and info came up, have a look at that and see if any of that is useful for you

yeah i saw those manual as well but i still can’t figureout correctly the right code for clearing the screen.
the most common line i see (at the dsp800 section) is 04 01 43 n m 17.

when i trie the first 3 numbers it doesn’t clear the screen.

sorry i cant of any more use i dont use a pole display and have never used one so the most i could offer was google lol

What are possible values for n and m?

If you are reading the codes correctly, you will need to use 6 numbers, including values for n and m.

That’s what the documentation says exactly. still doesn’t make any sence to me tbh…

04 01 43 n m 17

Clear display range from n position to m position and move cursor to n position.

That indicates:



<XCT>04 01 43 31 58 17

Hello, i have the display working now thanks for the help :smile:

another question i have is that i can’t get an € to be displayed on the screen also when i print a receipt the € becomes an ? any idea how i can get the € to get on the receipt etc ?

Try changing the character set on the Printer setup in SambaPOS.

By default, SambaPOS usually sets this to 857 which is Turkish.

I use 437 which is fairly standard (OEM United States).

You could try 1146 or 1148.

Search for character set or code page on the 'net to find other codes.

Also check your Regional Settings in Windows, and possibly the printer driver for your devices to see if there are settings in there.