Trying to configure multiple terminals with RDP. Database already exists error

HELLO i followed this tutorial on how to configure multiple clients on mobile and desktop :

i am amble to connect simultaneous with 2 user but on the second user when i configure the database location to the same sdf database of the 1st user … i am getting this error. “File already exists. Try using another database”

What can i do to use the same database ? how to fix this

Ok i managed to fix it by myself it was a permission issue. The sambapos needed administrato privileges. Now it works fine … Sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

You should not be using .sdf files. You should install SQL Express 2014 and connect SambaPOS to that. Here are some tutorials to help you. CE is only for single terminal setup it can also lead to slowdown and poor performance as your restaurant grows and does more transactions.

The following tutorial shows you how to setup SQL Express and the second part of the tutorial shows you how to convert from CE to SQL.

Here is a good tutorial if you have issues:

Here is the older Database configuration tutorial: