Trying to create bif report, help please

Hello There,
I am trying to create one big report where i can see all my most important data without having to search for it all over. I search and theres a lot of good stuff but i need a more complete one. I am able to get all data creating different reports but my problem is how to combine them into a single one.
This is what i need:

The reports needs to have the following:
Product Name
Units in Inventory
%of units in Inventory
Sales in $$
Number Of units Sold
%of unites sold
Cost of Goods
Gross profit
$$ of units in Stock
Number of Units in Stock
Profit Margin
product rotation
Product Rotation in $$
Number of Months of product

The info is easy to obtain, but how can I put it on a single report???
I want it to look just like this example on the video:

The reports i got so far are:

[KPIs Financieros:4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3,3]
Producto|Ventas$$|# unidades vendidas|%de ventas de este articulo|Acumulado de ventas|%de ventas del acumulado

[Products Sales:4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]
@{REPORT COST DETAILS:M.GroupCode.asc::,}

Name|Qty Sold|Sales|Cost|Cost%|PM%|PM|P%
[($4/$3)];#0.00 %;-#0.00 %,
[($3-$4)/$3];#0.00 %;-#0.00 %,
[(($3-$4)/$4)];#0.00 %;-#0.00 %:M.GroupCode="$1"}

[Inventory Consumptions:1,1,1,1]

Item|Inv|Inv%|Costo de Inv

Then for the next part i need to get data from two different reports to calculate ROI per product sales, etc

How can i use REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS and REPORT COST DETAILS on a single report??

I hope this make sense of what im trying to do and someone can help me out. LOVE SambaPOS amazing software!!

thanks in advance

Cost for a Product that you sell is based on Consumption of the Inventory Items that you buy that make up the Recipe for that Product, so they are only “somewhat related”, because you are dealing with 2 different “things”:

  • Products
  • Inventory Items

Those ^ are not the same thing, unless your Recipe is defined as 1:1 relationship between the Product and the Inventory Item, such as a can of Soda, or a bottle of Beer, or a Widgetamathingy.

However, if you sell a Bacon Cheeseburger Product, then it will contain multiple Inventory Items that are Consumed, and thus make up the Cost of that Product, as defined by the Recipe for the Product:

  • Burger Bun
  • Burger Patty
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Veggies
  • Condiments

To show results of 1 Report Tag on the same row as another Report Tag, and have them “related”, you need to find the common Field between the Report Tags, if any exist, and then generate a @list of that common Field to use as a $parameter to constraint/filter/relate between each of the Report Tags.

For example:


$1 | {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Consumption:C.Name="$1"} | {REPORT COST DETAILS:C.Cost:C.Name="$1"}

NOTE: that ^ is hypothetical, I have not tested it, but it illustrates the syntax you need to use.

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Thanks QMcKay it is a very good starting point.

I just need to figure it out how to create the @list using the product name as the common field and use it as a $parameter. Then it is just matter of combining teh reports that already have i think.