Trying to createa Report with key indicators

Hello everyone.

Im trying to create a report with key business indicators. but my question is can i use merge different tags in one report to get different values from the same product??
For example

[Financieros:5, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]
Producto|#en inventario|Ventas|# unidades vendidas|%de ventas de este articulo|Acumulado de ventas

([C.Consumption]*[C.Cost]), C.Consumption,O.Quantity.Percent.desc}


So instead of showing different reports it all merge into a single one??
Trying to get data from inventory, sales, etc to get one big report
Thanks for your help, i’m still trying to learn and figure it out

trying to replicate this

It is hard to understand what you trying to achieve as your report is not in English language. Can you explain what you want to see? If it is a profit loss report you can find a good one here.

Sorry @emre basically what im trying to do is gather information from a couple of reports and put them on a same table. For example:

{REPORT ORDER DETAILS: O.MenuItemName, O.Quantity.Sum.desc}, {REPORT COST DETAILS:[C.Name]+’.’+[C.PortionName],C.Quantity.Sum,[([C.Cost][C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum],[([C.AvgPrice][C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum],[($4-$3)/$3];%##.00;-%##.00;-:CostItem.Cost!=0}