Trying to get Delivery Total in report

Im tracking order type with ticket tags. Im using multiple accounts setup for Shift tracking. Owner needs to know how much in cash the delivery driver owes at the end of EACH SHIFT. As you can see im getting account balance to show how much in credit cards and cash is owed by each drawer but im having trouble figuring out how to only show it for that shift. Whats troubling me is that the field (ACCOUNT TYPE BALANCE) doesn’t support expressions like (TT.Order Type=Delivery).

Another way I thought of approaching this is to maybe save the time that Shift close AC button is executed and have the delivery report tag filter from that time. Or maybe @QMcKay knows some sql magic? :slight_smile:

Why would it, those are ticket values and report is for account balance, if you constrained it, it am wouldn’t be the account balance would it?
And why would you since you just report on payments.

Either way, I don’t think credit card is an account type, it’s an account: payment, sales, receivables are account types aren’t they? Have you tried adding the account type as a middle value like entity type on entity data tag non entity section?

Maybe have a look at the ‘amended work period report’ I posted to include direct account payments in with ticket payments for calling account payments/balances.

We’ll everything above delivery works perfect. Even delivery successfully divides cash and credit cards. My problem is the fact that I can’t show only delivery totals only for that shift. So for that second shift it’s going to show total delivery including for shift 1. So in other words do you think there is a way to track delivery tickets only after my time stamp of when shift ac button last pressed?

I’m sorry but what ‘amended work period report’ I must have missed your report