Tweet for #sambapos Campaign

Dear SambaPOS fellows. I have a request :slight_smile:

Can you tweet a SambaPOS photo with #sambapos hastag?

You can see a sample below. It can be without someone posing but it will be awesome if it is possible. Thank you in advance for your interest on supporting us.

If you don’t have twitter I can tweet it for you if you post the photo under this topic.

:gift: A small gift for you.

I know what you need is better SambaPOS and most of you will do it without expecting anything more. However I want to give free Twitter Orders module to people who supports us. Just tweet a photo, post your link under this topic and I’ll contact you when that module releases. We hope to release it before end of June. You can find more information about this module at the end of this topic.

Why we need it?

Every week we are attending a number of meetings trying to tell people how awesome SambaPOS is. However most people does not have enough information about restaurant industry, POS systems or what we are exactly doing. For this reason they want to understand if people using it or not. Such photos, videos or testimonials helps a lot to prove people SambaPOS is something useful for restaurants. If we can complete these meetings successfully we’ll be able to form a team and develop awesome features faster. You can make it possible with a simple tweet.

Here is our roadmap.

More information about Twitter Orders module.

:link: Click Here to see current tweets.



Thanks @pizzaeilat4

Does this topic displays as read only? Can you post replies under this topic?

I can reply :smiley:

you can now - you couldn’t when you posted at first

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SambaPOS perfect in every detail, the best POS everrr!!


Hope this helps!!!


can now :smile:

#sambapos now installed in the Fox :)

— Sid Collins (@siddlysid) May 31, 2014

Tweeted! from One Happy UK SAMBAPOS User!

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Sorry for taking so long,
Magnificent software!!!

Thank you very much @mxood. Are you in Canada?

Yes :slight_smile: , i will be installing sambaPos in another location too. Which will be a small department inside an another bussiness, i can take a premature photo of that too if you’d like, though its not complete

I’ve guessed it from the sticker on the glass :slight_smile: Here is the link for the tweet:

It will be better when completes. We are not in a hurry but it will be awesome if it can be before 10th June.


Still active… Just wanted to remind that :slight_smile:

Dear @emre, on the other terminal, sambapos looks almost identical, should I take a photo too?


I’m visiting twitter everyday to see more because that motivates us a lot :slight_smile:

… and @gerlandog sorry for missing your question. We’ll be glad to see whatever you share with us.

Dear @emre is there something like a sambapos banner so i can put it on my website.
Showing customers that I use SambaPOS so they can also spread the word :smiley:

@Marza thank you for this great idea! Our graphic designer preparing one for our new websites. I’ll let you know once it gets ready.

Great! looking forward to that.