Twitter assistance

Can someone share some knowledge about twitter please
Searched the forums but the info is very limited for a new user

Followed this tutorial:

When i tested within SambaPos i receive the poopup

Is there a way for me to click on the popup and then it adds the order to a ticket? or create the new customer if needed, can a new field be added to customers already registered on sambapos

Sorry for all the trouble, trying to setup this beautiful software

I deleted your first screenshot that contained your keys… Its not a good idea to share that publicly.

I planned to write a tutorial about the module but never found time to finish it. The most common way to use it is to allow it to select an entity that has twitter account enabled then it copies the order to an entity note and its displayed on ticket screen for cashier to build the order then they simply click to close the entity note.

You could automate it to add items to ticket yes but that requires more setup and I have not attempted it yet.

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