Two different prices shown on Ticket Order and Settle?

i am facing this problem:

when i click on settle this occur

two different prices shown on ticket for same dish but total same why???

because of the service tax10% and the round up i think.

but service tax is applied on the whole not individual?

So you want the tax to be inclusive like mine?

If it is then you just have to enable tax included in Ticket type section like below

Okay, I got what you mean now. English is not my native so it took longer to interpret.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that, sorry. might need to wait for someone else to answer :frowning:

thanks lets see what is the cause

but the way you wanted it would mean that the can’t split the order and pay right ( by not adding 10% service changes on individual item)
I think its possible to modify the “before-tax” price to be shown on the ticket receipt though

maybe check out this one for ticket template

i think you were right its adjusting the tax and round off in each dish…what if we dont want it to happen this way?

can you tell us how you wanted it to me? and possible why as well??

like it just show the same dish price at the settlement screen

@madiha we list orders on payment screen to help you settling ticket by choosing items. For example one customer wants to pay Musakka and the other one wants to pay Sucuklu Pide. When %10 service (…and tax, maybe discounts) added how much each customer will pay? We intended to display final prices there.

But there is a problem in your setup. Decimals makes it hard to settle. (eg 21.04). You can change Settings > Program Settings > Payment Screen Settings > Auto Round setting to round these prices.

thanks i knew it is showing the final prices but seem to had a slight difference so setting the auto round in payment screen will round up or down automatically?

then the rounding feature in ticket order is for ordering purpose only

if we only want to round the final payment then the auto round in payment will do?