Two menus for two entity screens

Hello. I am trying to setup a payout system where the payouts appear in the transaction list.
So I created two menus, one with food and another with the wait staff.
I also created an Entity Screen titled Payouts and a new Ticket Type (Meseras). The 2nd Menu contains products that equal wait staff name.

Now when I go to the Payouts entity screen and click the only entity I created for this screen, the following appears.

The three Categories: Meseras, Meseros and Vendors at this stage allow me to browse them. When I select “Meseras” ticket type, I am routed back to the menu with food and the menu with the wait staff disappears.
If at this same screen I choose Miriam Marquez, it also takes me to the menu with food and I cant access the other menu OR Samba crashes.

Any thoughts?

Take a look at this. Its a much simpler method for payouts.

Thats the exact method we have in place now based on that tutorial. I am able to replicate the exact setup and I think it’s fine personally.

However I showed the manager (decision maker) and she didn’t like that it doesn’t reduce the cash figures on the Work Period report.

Is it possible to have multiple entity screens using different menus?

What do you mean by this? Can you show a screenshot of the Cash figures she is talking about?

Yes, but Menus and Ticket Types are Department based. You would need to create a 2nd Ddepartment, a 2nd Ticket Type, and a 2nd Menu, and link them together. That said…

You should not attempt to do vendor payouts via Tickets. SambaPOS is not designed to do this; I know, I tried it 2 years ago. This is why the Expenses and Payouts Tutorials exist. This is why I designed the PHP Inventory solution. This is why I built my own Workperiod Report in SQL (you could also simply use Custom Report Module).

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The reason I asked you to show a screenshot of the cash report is because likely WorkPeriod report is not sufficient for what you want to do. You would need to use Custom Reports and build a nice custom report and not use Work Periods reports.

Work Period report in v4 is very limiting and frankly dated it doesnt work well if you plan to do any customization like what you mentioned. Instead of trying to work around the WP report jump into Custom reports and dont let the WP report be your hold back.

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First two pics are the Work Period Report. Note I was able to process a -$100 transaction using the 2nd ticket type I creatd, printed as a refund.
The screenshot shows the Expenses and Supplier setup as you recommended. I did two $1.00 payouts to vendor Digisoft but they aren’t reflected in the report.

Are you talking about the Incomes? Work Period report will not reflect these in v4. V5 you can customize Work Period report as you like. You can however use Custom Reports module to design your own Work Period report and it would reflect it.

We recommend you use Custom Reports and not use Work Period report. This way you can use the Tutorial Method and not have to attempt an awkward workaround for the default WP report.

I hear you and your preaching to the choir. Screenshot I posted above shows we have that setup in play. I pitched it and showed various ways to make it work, not my call whether the customer likes it or not. Plus the people who will actually pull the reports are not native English speakers and we have the system in English. We are trying to make this as easy for them as possible.

Will the customer report module allow me to pull the accounts data? I am not familiar with all you can extract from the custom reporting module. You guys are a tremendous help and I am not trying to be a pain here…just an IT guy trying to make this work for one of our customers.

You can build a report that shows any data you need with Custom reports. It has two methods one uses SQL Queries and the other uses Report Tags. Report Tags are simpler and can be easier to get a report built but SQL Queries are more powerful and not limited.

Here is a great place to start:

PS. Work Period report in v5 is a Custom Report now… the hard coded reports from v4 no longer exist. It was realized they were limiting users.

Here is what it looks like in v5:

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Yes correct, the incomes per Ticket Type. I went through both of the Custom Reporting tutorials and have not been able to figure that out. I will check out that link you provided.

If you or anyone would help me create the custom reports I need, I would definitely be willing to pay via paypal for assistance.

Take some time and study it. The Report Tags are not that hard to understand if you spend some time with it. It will be a great exercise and give you more power over your reports and data if you did.

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Thank Jesse, will do! Appreciate all the help.

Awesome! Thanks Jesse… cant wait to get in and play around in V5.