Two Question about Merge order and many order

Try a samba Force for the first time.
Please help me.

Two identical ordered menu but different times.
How should to merge same menu ordered?

Buy at a time when many same menu there any way that you can enter several times without clicking?

If the Orders were made at the same time, they will be merged automatically when you close the Ticket.

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Press the number on the keypad to do a qty
You can also select a new order and use plus or minus in top left.

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Your first sample (1) and (2) won’t merge on screen but merge on printout if (merge orders) setting enabled for printer template.

Think like table ordered 2 coke.
Some time later ordered 1 coke more and 1 juice.

If we merge cokes to 3 on screen you can’t understand what was customer’s latest order while checking ticket but on the bill it will appear as 3 coke.


Thank You so much ^^