Two taxes on a single ticket

Hello guys,

We have two taxes here.

16% for all cash transactions

5% for credit card transactions

I want to show both taxes on the bill as 2 separate payments options, total amount of bill plus 16% tax and total amount of bill plus 5% tax. When the bill is presented to the customer he or she can pay by card or by cash.

Im uploading a sample ticket from another restaurant, please have a look at it and advise if this is possible.

I have not heard of a different tax rate based on payment method. Is that common in your area? Is that a country based taxing system? Or a local government taxing system?

Indeed, payment type tax sounds very odd unusual to me…
Samba doesn’t have facility to specify tax based on payment type.
If it truly is based on payment type you are going to have to do some work for a custom solution but should be achievable using ticket calculations to simulate a tax. Would need to test and adapt if using other calculation types and there effect on tax calculation.

As for displaying the two options before payment is presented you would probably want to use a math expression to show the two rates, similar to templates that show suggested tip given several % rates, you’ll find these on the forum.

But again, actual tax based on payment type doesn’t seem right to me. Tax is usually based on sale value not payment method.
I’d make sure you double check that this is correct before proceeding.

Yes, tax is calculated on sale amount but here in Pakistan customers have option to pay 5% tax on card transactions and 16% on cash transactions. 5% on card was introduced by the government to encourage customers to pay via bank so all transactions are recorded.

Regular tax was 16% on sale amount.

Sale amount plus 5% or 16% tax

I want to get this calculation on the ticket

On print before payment you’ll have to just display the options with formula.
Then build setup to set a service type calculation based on payment chosen which will then make accounts and actual records and receipt show final tax type.
Pretty unusual case so unlikely to be much int he way or direct tutorials for something like that.
As said start with finding the suggested tip for the option display on prebill.

Something like this? I just tried it out of pure curiosity.

Looks easy enough with using calculations in payment processors.

Are all things sold taxable?

If multiple payment types were made on a ticket (part cash, part credit card) would each payment type keep the tax rate?

Yes all are taxable.

I already have the calculations on my settle screen with 16% and 5% buttons on it and its working perfectly fine. Just need to show the customer the 2 different amounts on the ticket when its presented to him.

Maybe, I just need to update the ticket print template. If you have any ideas or samples please can you share?

Also, I need to know how to add a Tax exemption or tax removal button on the settle screen.

A customer wants to pay by card (plus 5% tax) and bill is presented to him but he suddenly changed his mind and now wants to pay by cash (plus 16% tax). Can we remove tax with a press of a button on the settle screen and add 16% rather than 5% which was added before?

Calculations can be toggled if set to do so.

As said for ticket template see suggested tip templates on forum for ideas, would just be a math expression.

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I would just make it show on the bill without any actual automation behind the bill template.

Something like this.


can you please share the template?

The above template please

Were you able to get this figured out? If not, show some screen shots of what you have done so far. I might be able to whip something up based on what you have so far.

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-- ---------------------------------
-- Subototals
-- ---------------------------------
<div style="font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;text-align:justify;font-family:'Calibri'">
<td width=80 align=left>Sub Total</td>
<td width=175 align=right>{PLAIN TOTAL}</td>

<td width=80 align=left>[='{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}' > 0 ? 'Gift' :'']</td>
<td width=175 align=right>[='{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}' > 0 ? '{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}' :'']</td>

-- ---------------------------------
-- Listing of Discounts & Services
-- ---------------------------------

-- ---------------------------------
-- Taxes on Payment
-- ---------------------------------
<div style="font-size:14px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Calibri'">
<td width=128 align=left>5% Tax E-Payment</td>
<td width=128 align=right>16% Tax Cash</td>
<td width=128 align=left>[=F(TN('{PLAIN TOTAL}')  + (TN('{PLAIN TOTAL}') * 0.05))]</td>

<td width=128 align=right>[=F(TN('{PLAIN TOTAL}')  + (TN('{PLAIN TOTAL}') * 0.16))]</td>


which exact template are you referring to?

Can you add specific screenshots about how to do it?